Hitohira: Chapter 2

June 26, 2007

Good news everyone, Reynne is back! (Not sure when that happened…) But the important thing is that Hitohira chapter 2 will now be out super early as a result!

This chapter features Mugi trying to come to terms with her newfound club membership… ‘Trying’ being the operative word there. Also, Nono is hot you guys, seriously. Enjoy your moĆ©!!



Hitohira: Chapter 1

June 21, 2007

Alright then, Musume Scanlation’s newest release, chapter 1 of Hitohira!

Hopefully you will find this release to be of satisfactory quality. Reynne, who would normally do the translation, is kind of in Okinawa right now and not available for consult, so I hunkered down and did it all myself. I can’t make any guarantees about the quality of the translation, but it should be good enough for most purposes!

This project has been in the pipe for over a month now, so I hope you enjoy this release! Obviously with Reynne gone releases won’t be as ridiculously fast as they were with Manabi, but hopefully I can maintain something of a release schedule. Altogether this one took about a week to put together.


New Project: Hitohira

June 20, 2007

Whoa! A new project!? I haven’t posted anything here since February!

Yup, though it took I while I told you there would be a new stuff from us! This new project is Hitohira, by Izumi Kirihara. It revolves around a super-shy girl named Mugi Asai who gets forced into joining the Drama Research Society at her new high school. It’s really cute and moe, seriously. I just finished translating the first chapter, which is why I’m making this post now. Should be posting the first chapter in a day or two!

Also, since February there have been a lot of comments about lack of seeds on the torrent for Manabi Straight volume 1. Sorry to hear that! I’m now indefinitely seeding the torrent as long as my uTorrent is open. You can also find the manga at #lurk and DDLs have been graciously provided by the good folks at lolipower.org.

Speaking of Manabi, still no raws for volume 2 to be found on the Interwebs, so we’re waiting just as anxiously as you might be… Or at least we hope there are people waiting around anxiously for our releases.

Anyways that’s all for now. No one will read this anyway!

Manabi Straight – Chapter 6

February 25, 2007

Well, here you have it. Volume one of Manabi Straight is done!

Chapter six is a really cute chapter. Still looking for Manabi v2 raws, hopefully we’ll be able to find them soon and bring you more delicious loli manga.

For now, we have two torrents for you today. The first is the usual link to chapter 6 to drop in your Manabi folder. The second is the entirety of volume 1, scanlated, for the late-comers. Make sure you grab the right one!

A big thanks to everyone who supported us throughout this project! Finishing your first volume is a pretty big milestone! This project isn’t over yet – and we have some other things planned for you too, so keep looking out for future releases from us!



Manabi Straight – Chapter 5 & VVV status

February 24, 2007

(Had some problems getting this chapter out, mostly because I am retarded. TT has deleted the broken torrent, so everything is fine now!)

Here we go, big newspost this time.

First obviously is the matter of our new release! Manabi Straight Chapter 5, the Student Council Room Reformation chapter! This one had to go through a lot of revision before we finally got the final version we’re putting up, but we’re pretty confident on the quality of this release. Also, it has Final Loli Fusion, so I don’t know how you can go wrong.

This being the fifth chapter of the first volume, we’re probably going to run out of Manabi to scanlate this weekend. I don’t have any raws for the second volume, so if anyone can provide us with some (even if it’s just downloading off Share and Rapidsharing it) it’ll be greatly appreciated! I really need to learn how to work Share better…

Finally, I have to make an announcement about the status of our Venus Versus Virus project. Unfortunately, we will not be continuing with any further chapters of this manga. We would like to avoid getting on the bad side of Seven Seas Entertainment. A group called [VV] has picked up the project and you can find their version of chapter 4 on TT. We will leave up the links to our chapters four and five as long as possible.

I’ve kept you reading long enough, go get your loli-tastic fifth chapter!


Manabi Straight – Chapter 4

February 20, 2007

This might well be our last release until this weekend, so enjoy it slowly!

Well, maybe not slowly, but you will surely enjoy it – it’s the probably the best chapter so far. Two words: Momoha Odori. Momo really is the best character in this manga, it’s a shame that she gets left out so much ;_;


Manabi Straight – Chapter 3

February 19, 2007

Today’s release! It’s the Seioh Academy Student Council Room Big Clean Up!

Quick release note:
“Apple bunnies” (usagi ringo) – These are slices of apple with the skin cut to make them look like little bunny rabbits, or something… Look at this.

Finally I’d just like to extend a quick thank-you to everyone who has left comments and given feedback on our releases. We’re still noobs at this, so they’re very encouraging and we really appreciate it!